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Tub material

  • The cockpit is made of full epoxy vinylester constructed of 7 layers.

  • The shell is reinforced with Composite Armour, consisting of high-quality synthetic fibers of Carbon, Kevlar and Basalt (these fibers are also used in aerospace, vehicles and bulletproof vests due to their strength).

  • The Aquagard finish provides protection against UV and discoloration of the tub. This allows for a color guarantee on the tub.

  • The pool shell is insulated with nano insulation, which ensures that it takes less energy to keep the water at temperature.

  • The tub is not made of polyester material, which allows a lifetime warranty on osmosis.

  • The tub contains antibacterial walls. This means that no bacteria and algae can attach to the walls, reducing the need for chemicals and making the tub virtually chlorine-free.

Material of the shutter

  • The slats can be made of Polycarbonate or PVC.

  • There are several types of slats to choose from: Solar, solar anti algae, solar alu look, solar alu anti algae and transparent.

  • The slats are safe, insulating, durable and made from high-quality raw materials.

  • Integrated shutters and surface-mounted shutters are available.

  • The pools are equipped with a safety edge, so the integrated shutter can never sink deeper than a few centimeters.

  • The safety edge allows up to a weight of 100kg per m² to walk over the integrated roller shutter, providing additional safety for children and animals.

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Material of built-in parts

  • Built-in parts are available in white plastic, light gray plastic or stainless steel.

  • Built-in parts refer to the vacuum connection, bottom pot and injectors.

  • The vacuum connection serves as a connection for the hose to the filter. This is where the hand vacuum cleaner is connected for manual vacuuming of the bottom.

  • The bottom pot sucks up the suspended dirt in the water, then cleans it in the filter. Through the injectors, the water returns to the pool.

Lighting material

  • The LED lighting components are made of stainless steel.

  • Lighting can be chosen for white light or RGB.

  • The LED lighting is controlled by remote control.

  • The number and location of the lighting elements can be chosen individually.

  • When installing the LED lighting, it is taken into account that the light does not shine annoyingly into the eyes, but creates atmosphere in the pool.

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