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Are you already a fan of cooking but prefer to do it outdoors? Then a barbecue is a real must. Choose a stand-alone barbecue to prepare the tastiest dishes or opt for a barbecue in an outdoor kitchen to complete your cooking domain. Barbecues vary from fire barbecues to coal barbecues.

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  • Choose a stand-alone barbecue or in an outdoor kitchen
  • Social interaction
  • Culinary creativity


Cooking outdoors is an enrichment of the outdoors. Delicious smells, delicious dishes and the atmosphere is always good when a barbecue is lit. Find out which barbecue best suits your needs by choosing a fire barbecue or a coal barbecue.

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Are you curious about the possibilities for your garden, roof terrace or balcony? Discuss your wishes with a sales specialist during a no-obligation consultation in our showroom. We empathize, think along with you and together with you make the best choice for the realization of your barbecue. 

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When purchasing your dream barbecue, we understand that you want to be completely unburdened. Therefore, we will carefully deliver and install your barbecue so that you can enjoy cooking outdoors as soon as possible.

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Check out some of the range of barbecues here and admire them all in our 10,000m² showroom. Where outdoors comes to life and regardless of a purchase will be a lasting memory.

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