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Is there no possibility to attach the canopy to the facade, or is the terrace not adjacent to the house but further into the garden? With a freestanding canopy, you can create a pleasant environment in any location.

Good to know

  • The canopy is always custom made to the centimeter
  • All canopies can be freestanding

Types freestanding shelters

Freestanding canopy with polycarbonate roof

An enclosure with a polycarbonate roof is often chosen because of privacy, budgetary reasons and in addition, the appearance of the polycarbonate can also be a decisive reason.

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Freestanding canopy with glass roof

You don't have to worry that the installation of the canopy on the facade will make it darker in the house, because the glass roof ensures that full daylight is retained and a panoramic view is created.

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Freestanding canopy with sliding roof

Barbecue under the veranda, enjoy the sun or fresh air and sit dry when it rains; the veranda becomes even more functional and flexible with a sliding roof. Moreover, on extra hot days you can regulate the heat under the porch by simply opening the sliding roof.

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Detached canopy with slatted roof

A canopy with slat roof offers several functionalities. For example, you control the amount of daylight, shade and temperature under the slat roof or by sliding the roof completely open. By closing the slats, you are sheltered from bright sun or just a rain shower.

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Detached canopy with canvas roof

The canopy with cloth roof ensures that bright sunlight is dampened, shaded areas are created and you can also take a seat under the canopy as soon as it starts to splash. The translucent awning fabric has special openings, allowing rainwater to fall into the gutter below.

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Free-standing canopy with folding roof

A folding roof canopy is a luxurious canopy to create shade and allows you to create a light and waterproof, sturdy roof, under which you can stay comfortably in all conditions. Folded in to enjoy the sun and unfolded when it is too hot or rainy.

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Freestanding canopy with sandwich panels

If you're looking for a roof that doesn't let light through and doesn't need to slide open, a canopy with sandwich panels is the perfect solution. A canopy as an extra outdoor space and storage in one, how practical is that?

Projects with freestanding canopies

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Set your canopy together

We understand that you can't see the forest for the trees, because there are many choices to make when buying a canopy. Our configurator shows you step by step all the possibilities to create your dream canopy.

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Personal advice

Are you curious about the possibilities for your garden or roof terrace? Discuss your wishes with a sales specialist during a no-obligation consultation in our showroom. We empathize, think along with you and together with you make the best choice for the realization of your free-standing roofing.

  • Free consultation
  • Free 3D design
  • Personal customized advice

Meet our passionate mechanics

After the purchase, we can imagine that you can't wait for the moment to install your dream canopy. With their experience and expertise, our own passionate mechanics ensure that the enjoyment of outdoor living can really begin.

Extensions for your dream canopy

Outside is increasingly becoming the new inside, so we understand better than anyone that you want to be outside during any weather condition. By expanding walls in your veranda you create a garden room to enjoy 4 seasons. Thanks to our modular system you can extend your porch with walls for years after purchase, Sunscreen or accessories such as heaters.




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Check out some of the range of freestanding canopies here and admire them all in our 10,000m² showroom. Where outdoors comes to life and regardless of a purchase will be a lasting memory.

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