Bespoke canopies

A canopy is the basis for the perfect garden. The current living space is given a new dimension and additional outdoor space is created. There is a suitable roofing and solutionfor every situation. Because in addition to the wide range of fixed and open roofs, our passionate fitters always deliver customization to the centimeter. You will find that the canopy, whatever interpretation it has, will be the place of the house.

Good to know

  • The canopies are always custom made to the centimeter
  • The canopies are maintenance-friendly due to the aluminum construction and have a long service life
  • Thanks to the modular system, you can assemble the canopies completely as you wish and expand them years after purchase
  • A canopy allows you to enjoy the outdoors even more, and for 4 seasons

Glass roof

  • A glass roof has a luxurious look
  • There is a choice of sloping and straight model
  • Full (daytime) light is maintained
Glass roof

Polycarbonate roof

  • Polycarbonate is a high-quality plastic
  • You have a lot of privacy because of the opaque roof covering
  • Polycarbonate is less translucent compared to glass
Polycarbonate roof

Sliding roof

  • The roof panels can be opened manually or electrically
  • You can sit both in and out of the sun in the same spot
  • Heat can be ventilated and dissipated
Sliding roof

Slatted roof

  • A slatted roof has a luxurious look
  • You control the amount of (day) light, shade and temperature by turning the slats
  • The slats are electrically operated
Slatted roof


  • You can sit both in and out of the sun in the same spot
  • Full (daytime) light is maintained
  • The cloth roof is electrically operable
  • The fabric rolls completely into the cassette

Folding roof

  • The folding roof can be fully opened without beams (profiles) in sight
  • You can sit both in and out of the sun in the same spot
  • The folding roof is electrically operated
Folding roof

A canopy is the ideal and most economical way to increase indoor and outdoor space.

Pearls of completed projects

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Set your canopy together

We understand that you can't see the forest for the trees, because there are many choices to make when buying a canopy. Our configurator shows you step by step all the possibilities to create your dream canopy.

Get to work!

Personal advice

Are you curious about the possibilities for your garden or roof terrace? Discuss your wishes with a sales specialist during a no-obligation consultation in our showroom. We empathize, think along with you and together with you make the best choice for the realization of your roofing. 

  • Free consultation
  • Free 3D design
  • Personal customized advice

Meet our passionate mechanics

After the purchase, we can imagine that you can't wait for the moment to install your dream canopy. With their experience and expertise, our own passionate mechanics ensure that the enjoyment of outdoor living can really begin.

The advantages in a row

  • A canopy lets you enjoy the outdoors longer regardless of weather conditions.
  • With a canopy, an additional indoor and outdoor space is created which provides more living space. That extra space increases the value of the home.
  • The additional living space can be filled with a function such as lounging, dining, (home) work, study, sports, play space, etc.
  • Garden furniture, barbecues and other equipment are protected from the weather, making these products last longer.

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