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A slat roofing offers several functionalities in addition to a modern and stylish look. You determine the amount of daylight, shade and temperature under the roof by turning the slats or by completely opening the roof. By closing the slats you are protected from bright sunlight or a rainstorm.

Good to know

  • The canopy is always custom made to the centimeter
  • The slatted roof is electrically operated and the slats canbe rotated up to 150°
  • The canopy is also possible with a slatted roof where you can slide the slats aside
  • The canopy can be placed freestanding or on the facade

Types of canopies with slatted roof

Renson Algarve slatted roof

The minimalist look of the Renson Algarve is appropriate in any garden. Electrically close the slats to stay in the shade and tilt the slats to let the sun shine into the room. It offers you a fully waterproof roof when the slats are closed.

With the Renson Algarve it is not only possible to choose a slatted roof but it is also possible to choose a roof provided with a sunshade called canvas.

Renson Camargue slat roof

Do you prefer a canopy that looks more robust? The Renson Camargue fits this desire perfectly. It is the canopy where you can electrically rotate the slats according to the weather conditions. The slats of the Camargue can be tilted to play with sunlight and create a shaded area.

Renson Camargue Skye slatted roof

The sky is the limit, that goes for the Renson Camargue Skye. Are you looking for an eyecatcher in your garden, then the Renson Camargue Skye is everything you are looking for. With this canopy you can not only electrically rotate the slats but the slats can be completely pushed aside to create an open roof. Then stargazing really does become a reality.

Renson Aero slatted roof

The Renson Aero slatted roof is designed for seamless integration into both existing and new structures, making the canopy a perfect fit for the home.

Renson Amani slatted roof

Discover the Renson Amani slat roof, where endless personalization is possible. With an unlimited choice of shapes, lines and textures, you have the freedom to transform your outdoor space into a unique domain that perfectly suits your style and needs.

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We understand that you can't see the forest for the trees, because there are many choices to make when buying a canopy. Our configurator shows you step by step all the possibilities to create your dream canopy.

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Are you curious about the possibilities for your garden or roof terrace? Discuss your wishes with a sales specialist during a no-obligation consultation in our showroom. We empathize, think along with you and together with you make the best choice for the realization of your slatted roofing.

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After the purchase, we can imagine that you can't wait for the moment to install your dream canopy. With their experience and expertise, our own passionate mechanics ensure that the enjoyment of outdoor living can really begin.

Extensions for your dream canopy

Outside is increasingly becoming the new inside, so we understand better than anyone that you want to be outside during any weather condition. By expanding walls in your veranda you create a garden room to enjoy 4 seasons. Thanks to our modular system, you can extend your porch for years with walls, screens or accessories such as heaters.




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